Adventure City Dilema

Spending the day on a field trip with 50 1st graders was actually fun. I had the privilege of driving with the teacher, so I was able to get to know her better, even though this is the last week of school. I probably should have gone on the first field trip in October. Next time I'll plan better.

The two classrooms of children carpooled to a place called Adventure City. Think amusement park for smaller children, carnival style rides, without the creepy carnies, and unfortunately, without the Kettle Corn and Funnel cake. Boo Hoo!

I rode no rides. I paid $11.00 dollars to chaperon my boy, his two friends, and two girls, and rode no rides. Oh, I just remembered, I rode the train. so I lie. Not intentionally though.

The reason I decided not to ride any rides was not because I am afraid, please, I pick up spiders with my bear hands and fling them out the back door. The reason I don't like to ride the rides is because I cannot handle the motion that they cause. It is my stomach and equilibrium's fault.

I love fast rides, but I don't like what they do to my insides now that I am older. I crawl off the roller coasters now, curl into the fetal position, and whisper, "I want my mommy." This is embarrassing for my children, so they ride, and I wait.

Why discussing this issue with the other mommas, my son's teacher informed me that as we get older, there is a chemical in our bodies that diminishes, thus causing us to get motion sickness when riding rides at an amusement park. She's smart, and informative. There was at least some relief, that I wasn't the only non-ride rider.

Another mom suggested that I take a motion sickness pill prior to my next amusement park visit. She is smart too.

Good day? Yes!

Slurpee's were a must for the ride home. Every good day should end with Slurpee's.