You Know What?

A conversation with an almost six year old.

My ear hurts.
Why does your ear hurt?
It got hit with a pine cone.
How did you get hit with a pine cone?
Me and Zac were playing catch.
I was right here, Zac was here. [He points to two different spots on the table] Mom, I was right here. We were right here. Mom, we were right here. And then you know what?

We were right here and you know what?
Zac was over here throwing the pine cone and you know what?
Carson, you just said that four times.
But you know what?
I said what four times.
I tried to catch it but it hit my ear.
Are you okay.
Ya. It just hurts a little.

I didn't realize that one conversation could be so exhausting.


Mother Hood said…
I can see my almost 4 year old and I having that conversation in a couple of years.

He has the hardest time starting a sentence when he's excited. It goes something like this...

"Ma ma um...can" for about 2 mins before he get's to the subject/question on his mind.