Text Craziness

We had a deal.

If our twelve year old could maintain an "A" average for the first three quarters of school, he could purchase a phone.

As it turns out. He is a very hard worker when the reward is phone related. He kept up his end of the bargain and two weeks ago, he received a phone.

To say that he is extremely happy is an understatement.

Evidently, it only takes 24 hours to make sure that everyone you know in the sixth grade world, has your phone number. He hasn't actually spoken to anyone on his phone, but his thumbs have been very busy. The text messaging has gone into hyper-drive. I had to ask him to put the phone on vibrate since I got tired of hearing the text notification music playing incessantly.

I am in a quandary. I am not crazy about all of the texting, but I also understand that now, that is how teenagers talk to each other. At the exact moment I am ready to tell him to quit, or tell his friends to take a text break, I think about how often I communicate to others through Facebook, Twitter, and texting too. Yikes.

Perhaps I should take a tech break myself, and actually talk to people face-to-face.

Lesson learned.


2Thinks said…
It is so amazing to me the cultural change I am living through. I used to wonder what it would be that I'd tell my grandchildren we used to do in the olden days. Now I know. We used to have something called a telephone that plugged into the wall in our kitchen. If it rang, we knew someone wanted to talk to us, so we'd pick it up and say hello. If we wanted to call someone, we could punch in a set of #'s that would fly through phone space and wa la there they were!

My 17 yr.old daughter never talks on the phone. She will not answer it if it rings. She will not dial it. Yet, she has the fullest social calendar of any girl I know.

Angie said…
My college-age daughter just returned home for the summer and I can't have a conversation with her without her looking at the text on her phone.

She went off to her first job today and my husband hollars out the door as she heads for the car, "Leave your cell phone in the car!" :)

I have had her text me from her bedroom while I am in the kitchen...crazy!
Hi Linda,
Today texting is the way to go for this generation...my teen grands do it all of the time..it is fine with me.We have to keep up with changes as they come into our lives...

I got my book in the mail today..thanks for my copy and I can't wait to read it..

I have to get in the kitchen and bake a pound cake for tomorrow's dinner..have a great Mother's Day.
Hugs, Baba