Support Group

I am starting a support group:
Socks Without Partners
Do you know any socks that would like to join?


Sarah Markley said…
yes, i actually have one whole clothes basket full. that's sad, huh.
Mother Hood said…
I have a whole bag of them!

Hey, I just posted the first day of the series.

Let me know what you think of it. And if you're comfortable with what I posted. I don't want to break any publishing rules.
2Thinks said…
This is funny to me. I want to be in this club. About once every, oh, say, 2 years or so- I go through what I call the widow sock box. I find many socks who may have thought they were widows, have actually been coexisting in the box for who knows how long? So,I happily rejoin them by folding one into the other and off they go to their former dresser drawer homes. But the others? The true widows become rags, sock puppets or,very sadly and unfairly are deported to Landfill, Somewhere, USA.

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog! I get so excited when great writers post on my site, it actually worries me a bit. (I mean how excited I get about it- blogging has definately affected me)