Spilt Milk's Second Printing!

But you already know that, right?
Spilt Milk has gone to it's second printing, and the typo on the back is fixed! (In case you missed it, the last word on the back of the book said "childern" instead of "children.")
Get your copy today. Don't hesitate. It makes a great gift. Encourage a new mom. Buy one for your next baby shower. Grab some for your women's group. Included it in your book club list.
It is travel size and fits perfectly in your, purse, beach bag, pool bag, diaper bag, or computer bag.


Mel said…
Congratulations! How exciting!
2Thinks said…
Great Linda!Congrats. I am enjoying my copy.
Mrs. Sidney said…
Cool.. mine is in the devotional bag!!
Sarah Markley said…

I'm proud of you. =)
Yay! But I sort of like to say, "Childern."