Self Promotion

I am not one to toot my own horn, but I have learned that when you write a book that you would like people to buy, you have to do some self promotion. You have to get your face out there and say, "Hey read this book! I promise it's great."

For the record, every author thinks that they have a great book. I could write a list three yards long as to why you should buy my book. Evidently Barnes and Noble, the actual store, doesn't think it is so great.

I have walked into three Barnes and Noble book stores and walked directly to the Christian Inspiration section in hopes of locating a copy of my book. Since my last name ends with a "V" which come directly before "W" as in Warren, as in Rick Warren, I immediately locate Purpose Driven Life, and then dart my eyes to the left, and [enter the "you guessed the wrong price again" tune from The Price is Right] nothing from the Vujnov author is sitting on the shelf. Nor is my book sitting on the cute table in the front of the store with the sign which reads "Great Books for Mother's Day." ["you lost again" music please]

All three times, I have marched to the periodicals section and grabbed a Parenting magazine, turned to page 45, and walked to the Customer Service desk with the page opened to my book in the section, "Your Toys-Goodies Worth Grabbing" and say, "Hi, I am an author, and my book is right here in Parenting magazine listed as goodies worth grabbing. Is there any way that you can carry some of my books and perhaps place them on that pretty Mother's Day table?"

"Sure!" says the nice customer service gal/guy, "Can we call you when the books come in and have you sign some for the shelf?"

"Oh sure, I would love to."

That was easy. Toot Toot!


Mother Hood said…
Hey Linda,

I'm launching my Spilt Milk blog series on Monday. I posted about it today.

Would you mind checking in on us and giving us your two cents during the series? I think the ladies would love it!

Thanks. Your book has been such a blessing to me!
1st of all, I have just written a post using the Price is Right sound. Unbelievable! Secondly, I wish I could've seen you grab the magazine and go to the mgr. I don't know what Mother Hood is doing with your book, but I want to check it out.