Not Guilty

I like to jog around my neighborhood. It is quiet, and hilly which is a good switch from flat and noisy, just outside my neighborhood.

This morning I was coming to the end of my jog and a Highway Patrol passed by very stealth-like. I don't know why, buy every time a Highway Patrol passes me on a jog, I feel a sense of guilt mixed with some paranoia. I can't possibly be speeding or running a stop sign, so what is it? Will I get a ticket for jogging too slowly? Should I be some place else and not on the sidewalk? Do I have any outstanding traffic violations that he knows about and I don't? No.

I don't know why I feel guilty and a bit paranoid. I imagine all cops and their vehicles give off that aura, even for the innocent.


2Thinks said…
I agree. When I am driving and I see a smokey in the grass (my dad used to have a C.B. radio), I always check my speed and slow down even if I am not speeding.

Mother Hood said…
I always feel safer with a squad car around. We had one parked in the church parking lot hiding/waiting to bust people at a STOP sign.

I was taking my boy to preschool, so we walked over and talked to him. My son loved it!
Denise said…
i scratch my nose every time a cops car passes me, every time. it's one of the many weird things about me.

and really you jog where it is hilly. how? i can't do it. i need a jogging coach.