Kicketty Kick Ball War

My youngest has a keen sense of manipulation. His right eye wink could send the angriest of mothers back to a smiling, gentle, soul. He has the uncanny ability to wrap women around his finger with a smile, hug, and a wink. I'm scared.

He also has the street smarts of a nineteen year old hoodlum. That also scares me. The other day he and his brother were attempting to play kick ball with a very small rubber ball. Since the youngest finds great joy is frustrating his siblings, he kept kicking the ball incorrectly sending my middle mister into a frenzy of "kick it right!"

After about the fifteenth "Kick it right!" My middle mister looked the littlest in the eye and said, "If you don't kick the ball the right way, I'm going to give you a wedgie."

The youngest smiled, unaffected by the threat and ran into the house. He proceeded to drop his drawers, and remove his underwear. As he ran back outside, he lined up ready to continue the kick ball game.

Deliberately, he twisted his foot and kick the ball cockeyed. Middle mister grunted and shouted, "That's it! You're getting a wedgie!!"

The youngest laughed and ran toward him ready to receive his just consequence. When my middle mister reached to grab his underwear, there was nothing to grab. The youngest laughed hysterically, and ran off with a pompous sense of victory.

He scares me.


2Thinks said…
Very smart! I would not have thought of that way of avoiding a wedgie. Where do they get these ideas?

I, too, played kickball on Sunday afternoon w/3 little nephews, 1 niece, a sister-in-law, my husband, 19 yr. old son (I think the one your son is going to turn into) and my daughter. Great Mother's Day fun and no wedgie threats- thank goodness!
Brad Huebert said…
That's fantastic. Brilliant! Frightening. Wonderful.
Mrs. E said…
Now that is one kid you will never have to worry about problem solving skills! : ) Sorry. All I can do is giggle!