Feet and Twinkies

I can't understand why I continue to be amazed, but alas, I continue to be amazed at the difference between boys and girls.

"Ooh that's gross!" My 15 year old daughter screamed when her brother's bare foot grazed her arm. "He's clean Maddy. He just got out of the shower, so what is so gross?"

"His feet. It's just gross that his feet touched me."

My son and I roll our eyes, knowing that my daughter's overreaction to feet touching her skin is 3/4 drama and 1/4 germaphobe/footaphobage, in other words, her own freakish issue. That girl will never work in the shoe department.

Here is the difference:

The other day my neighbor was removing her son's foot brace that he has to wear due to a broken growth plate. When she removed it to put him in the bathtub, the stench made her forehead sweat and her bangs curl. After mentioning how badly the brace smelled, the younger brother and the brace wearer both said, "Let me smell it." Gross. Boys love gross smells, and have no footphobia.

If anyone takes a drink from my daughter's drink, she is sure to wipe the straw. I have yet to tell her that the back wash in the cup is much more damaging than the DNA left on the straw's tip.

Here is the difference:

While driving 5 boys to a Midnight Madness church event, my son informed me that his friend Cameron found a Twinkie in the car's cup holder and it was rock hard. I was confident that no one would get sick since the preservatives in a Twinkie can keep it fresh and delicious for approximately seventeen years, so I chimed in with, "Five dollars to the first kid to take a bite of the Twinkie and swallow it." To which my son replied, "Too late, I already took a bite. Where's my five bucks?"

And so it goes. I continue to be amazed at the vast difference between boys and girls.

You need to know: Do yourself a favor, and don't Google "foot photo." Yuck-O times 100.


This is hilarious. No wonder you can write a book; you have inadvertent contributors!
2Thinks said…
I always heard you could bury a twinkie and dig it up in like 50 years, wash it off and eat it and it would be about the same nutritionally as if you ate it out of the package straight off the store shelf. It's one amazing food, don't cha think? Ick.

Feet? Let's just say, I never get pedicures. I don't want anyone touching my feet.

I can't wait to get your book- I'm chomping at the bit :) I've always wanted to write a book- just don't know what about.