Excuse Me? Officer!

Tonight my youngest and his friend decided, while we were at an outdoor eating facility, to go beyond the boundary and "disappear."

When I whistle, it means,"get your butt over here now" however, no amount of whistling would coherence he and his friend to be located.

After circling the building twice, and looking under dumpsters, asking strangers if they had seen two young boys, and dashing inside stores to locate the two boys, they were still no where to be found.

Panic set in quickly. I pictured a white rusty van pulling up to the back of the building, two men jumping out of the vehicle, and each one of them grabbing a boy.

Tears came to my eyes quickly as I hyperventilated, going into severe panic.

A police vehicle drove past, I hollered, "Our boys are missing!" and one officer got out of the car to walk with me while the driver circled the area in his car.

My tears were frequent and my voice was now breathy and shallow. I envisioned the worst as I walked at a quick pace trying to locate the boys, and then suddenly the police officers radio alerted that the boys had been found. Ten of the longest minutes of my life.

I was in the safest city in the USA, but worry got the best of me, and sheer panic was my best friend.

Heart stopping moments like this, suck.


Tornveil206 said…
Oh I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Darn kids, hope they both understand how very much they're love. Praise God that he sent you officers to calm the waters. My prayer tonight for you will be peace and a sound sleep.
God Bless
♥ Jamie Manzo
Seattle, WA
Jenny said…
So sorry, that is really scary.
Mother Hood said…
So did you want to kiss them or kill them? That sucks I'm so sorry you went through that. My very worst fear EVER!
Pastora Debbie said…
where were they!? Whew. This was scary to read , i can't imagine going through it...actually I can because I went through the very same panic when my sister in law decided to pick up my daughter after school without letting me know, she did it as a favor but didn't think it through.
Scary moments
Sarah Markley said…
oh my freak! i am so sorry. i hate this. glad they weren't gone for real...