Please Talk

Evidently, my oldest boy is in “like” with a girl. He openly shared that he likes someone, but any questions beyond that result in a shoulder shrug, or a “Why do you care mom?” laced with a thick layer of disgust. Such information is sacred and not intended for mothers.

I continue the conversation although the reluctant responses continue.

“Do you two talk?”
“I dunno, no?”
“You never talk?”
“We text.”
“And that works for you?”

Although I enjoy the text element in my life, if left to texting everyone I care deeply for, and not having face to face communication, in other words, not talking, our relationships would fizzle out and die. Verbal communication is essential to every important relationship.

Our relationship to God is no different. Just the other day I read a Twitter that said, “Most Christians I know admit to not praying as much or as deeply or as trustingly as they desire...” That is sad information. We learn about God through His Word, the Bible, we communicate to Him through prayer, talking.

I can grab the latest edition of People Magazine to learn more about Jennifer Aniston, but I cannot truly know her, and have a relationship with her, unless we talk to each other. Chances are, I will never have a relationship with Jenifer Aniston and I’m okay with that, but I am not okay with not having a relationship with Jesus Christ, therefore I need to talk to Him often, and make time to listen to Him also.

My son and his “friend” can text all day and never go deep enough for an authentic relationship. Whew! That’s refreshing to me. No twelve year old boy needs to go deep with a girl. However, we need to go deep with God. He desires to hear or words spoken through prayer. Yes, he knows our every thought, but this doesn’t replace conversation with our creator.

“Pray continually.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17


2Thinks said…

By the way, I am a book buyer for a small Christian bookstore that specializes in materials for home educators. We carry devotionals and as of today, we carry Spilt Milk! Yep, my distributor had it in stock. Can't wait to get my prize copy in the mail.

Thanks again- Heidi
2Thinks said…
I forgot, I wanted to ask you how to get a graphic/pic of the book, so I can put that as a promo on my blog. Because you know, I have about 13 readers. But I love the colors! I just don't know how. I tried coying and pasting yours and one from Amazon, they seem to copy, but won't paste.