Contact Lenses

I have a love/hate relationship with contact lenses.

I love the idea of not having to wear glasses, yet I hate feeling like I have frosted flakes stuck to my eyeballs every evening.

I love not having to wear prescription sunglasses in the outdoors or while driving, yet hate the eye scratchy-ness that happens mid-morning.

I hate having blurry vision so I either suck it up and wear contacts without complaining, or wear my glasses, and pray for cloudy weather.

I am learning to love - my contact lenses.


ME TOO. I always say they feel like Saran Wrap on my eyes by 6:00 pm. The eye doc told my husband this week that someday they will be able to correct vision with meds only.
Mrs. Sidney said…
I have the same type of relationship with contact lenses. I am learning to love them but I do notice when I am home for the day I take them out and go with glasses.

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