Check for Stains

I know that it is usually a great idea to check the white sweatshirt you're wearing, for stains, before having to drive, and walk, the kids into school.

Those inside house lights can be tricky. A perfectly clean, white, sweatshirt can look wonderfully stain-free inside the house and then a quick trip out with Mr. Sun can reveal a myriad of yellow and brown spots.

I speak from experience. I was caught in the sunshine, in the midst of people, wearing a stained sweatshirt. That's embarrassing.

After realizing my error, I crossed my arms while trying to hold the hand of my 5 year old son. Walking into the preschool play yard I felt a bit more at ease. I was certain, that in the crowd of children under the age of 5 I was certainly not the only one donning a shirt with a stain or two.

I signed my son into his classroom as he quickly glanced though his school file, and pulled out a piece of artwork. He handed it to me to take home and place on the wall. Just my luck, the artwork was on a sheet of paper which was 11 X 18 inches, the perfect dimensions for covering my sweatshirt.

I placed the sheet of paper in front of my body so that it covered my sweatshirt entirely. As I "hugged" the artwork, I made the long journey back to my car, smiling. My stains were indiscreetly covered and I felt comfortable stopping to greet people and make small talk.

The artwork never made it's way to the wall in my kitchen. It remains in my car just in case I'm ever caught wearing another piece of stained clothing at school, and need a great cover.

I'm clever.


2Thinks said…
Ha! Tuesday I wore light colored pants for work. Before I left the house, I spilled orange juice on them. I scrubbed it out and went to work w/a big wet spot. Spilled coffee on them 5 minutes into my morning. Put Palmolive dish soap on the spot and rubbed it in, hoping it wouldn't stain permanently, wetted it all down again...just a very soggy pants day Tuesday. And I help customers in a bookstore find books. Ugh!