Charles Knightly

I enjoy having a pet. I like pets, most pets. Growing up I had dogs, a mouse, two ducks, a rabbit and a host of fish. For the record, I consider fish disposable pets. They don’t count as real pets.

Some people like birds. I’ve never owned a bird. I have never wanted to own a bird. I have nothing against birds; they just seem un-cuddly and messy.

The neighbor girl recently asked her parents for a pet duck. Saying “no” was easy. Not many people who live in the middle of a city, take in a duck as a pet. They eat snails, and I imagine, like water. Pond-ish water, not chlorinated pool water.

Mackenna, the neighbor girl, prayed every night for a duck and her parents continued to inform her that a duck was not an option.

Over the weekend, while attending one of her brother’s baseball games, Mackenna wandered through the field looking for daisies to make a chain. She happened upon an egg, which was sitting in the middle of the field. She lifted the egg from the grass and took it to her parents who were sitting in the bleachers.

They took the egg home. Wondering what lurked behind the shell, they researched and discovered that the egg was derived from a duck. They incubated the egg for a few days at the proper temperature and soon feathers began to emerge.

After 24 hours the budding life struggled to break through the egg and needed some help. Charles Knightly (Chuck the duck) is now alive and well. Mackenna’s prayer was answered—this time with a “yes!”

God answers prayers. He knows what’s best for our lives. Sometimes He answers with a “yes” sometimes with a “no” and sometimes with a “wait.” Although we aren’t always convinced that we love His answers, we can have peace knowing that His will is best for our lives—even it entails an egg, with a duck inside.


2Thinks said…
We just were talking about answered prayer- my 17 yr. old daughter and I. She wants a pot-bellied pig, by the way. I always used to want one myself, but she'll be leaving for college soon and I am now working, sooo. Anyway, I'm new and your blog encourages me, as I see you have simply chosen a template, the same one I chose and put a pic over it. Also, you recently turned your writings into a devotional, right. I was wondering how bloggers keep others from stealing their writing and publishing it as their own. My sister asked me this. I don't know. For several days when I saw your book title on 2nd Cup Lid's site, I thought it was Split Milk- I actually spent real time thinking about what that could mean. Ahh dyslexia- the thrills.