An Anecdote to Stress

When I feel overwhelmed, like I am accomplishing nothing, I mow the lawn.

Growing up, I never mowed the lawn. I was in charge of dishes. My brother and I switched off washing and drying. I always preferred washing.

Since we moved to a house with yard, I have taken a liking to mowing the lawn. I go out in the backyard, pull the rope attached to the motor, and make straight lines with the mower in the overgrown grass.

Mowing the yard only takes a few minutes. I think, pray, and feel like I was accomplished a task, checked something off of my list.

The yard looks presentable once again, the myriad of balls no long litter the grass, and the smell of fresh cut grass permeates the air. Ahhh!

I like to mow the lawn. I also like black coffee in the morning, and prefer sandals to boots.

That's just me.

What do you like to do?


2Thinks said…
Well, mowing the lawn- not so much. Ours is a push mower with no propel help and it gives off puffs of blue smoke and smells like gas. But I like to keep the kitchen clean. If I can get nothing else done, I will at least do all the dishes and wipe off the counters, so it is clean for the next meal time. I got your book today in the mail!! Woo Woo. I can't wait to read it.