Wishes Do Come True

My entire family has gone through the fever, sore throat, and coughing for five days, except for me (insert "Praise the Lord" here) and my daughter. I have been administering over the counter drugs, glasses of Gatorade, and tissue like a seasoned nurse, working triage, at a county hospital, in the middle of cold and flu season.

What fun.

The other day we were driving to church and my daughter asked, "What if I get sick?" Immediately I responded, "Oh Maddy, you and I cannot get sick, I have been telling that to God all week. I have really been praying that you and I remain healthy."

Since she was coming to the close of her Easter break, and the boys were just beginning theirs, I know that she was bitter, thinking that while the boys are out doing what boys do during break, she would be sitting in a classroom. Let's not forget that she was just ending her vacation and was flitting around with friends, while the boys were in their classrooms. Hmmm, yea, forgot that part.

After our car conversation she seemed sad so I said, "Maddy, you can't get sick." to which she replied, "Yeah, but what if I do?"

I wasn't sure where she was going with the conversation since she is the queen of evasiveness. "Do you want to get sick?" I asked. [blank stare] "Maddy, are you serious? You want to get sick?" [shoulder shrug]

"I am not having this conversation. I cannot believe that would want to get sick." I said. She then replied, "I didn't say that I wanted to, I just asked what if I do?"

I treated the question as rhetorical and continued driving to church. As I thought in my head, "Why would anyone want to get sick?" I remembered being her age and thinking that the attention from mom, and missing a day or two of school, would be great. I surmised that she was thinking the exact same thing, but I wasn't on board with the idea at all after seeing the boys go through sleepless nights, chills, fever, loss of appetite, and croupy coughs.

Wishes do come true. My daughter woke up with a fever and has to miss school. Her prayers were answered and half of mine were answered. Although she is sick, I am not sick, have no intention of getting sick, and rebuke all virus related to sickness. That should cover me. I don't want to miss work, and I don't need my mom to stay home with me, even though she makes a fantastic vegetable soup.