What a Pain

I had the great privilege of working at the Little League snack bar with my mother, sister-in-law and niece.

After serving up numerous Churros, soft pretzels, hot dogs, Icees, Ring Pops, nachos, and soda pop, my bear legs and sandaled feet were covered in a thin goo of cinnamon sugar, salt, and soda pop. It was fun.

As the orders were shouted to me from the front lines, I quickly grabbed the needed goods and handed them to the cashiers who were receiving crumpled dollar bills, handfuls of sticky change, and snack bar tickets from boys in baseball cleats, parents in hats and sunglasses, and girls in shorts and tank tops.

After our four hour shift, I began sponging over the counter tops and sweeping the saturated linoleum floor. As I was sliding the sponge over the counter, a small edge of the metal encased soft pretzel warmer shot under my finger nail inflicting a small amount of blood and a mountain of pain. I bit my bottom lip, shook off the pain, and continued sponging assuming that my finger would soon swell, and a purple hue would eventually cover the under side of my nail. The tender part - home to thousands of nerve endings.

Since I couldn't see any marked incision, or bruising under my nail that night, I went to bed without medication. At 2:00 a.m. I awoke with a throbbing pain erupting from my finger. The pain was so terrible that I couldn't fall back to sleep. I took two Tylenol, prayed, and eventually fell asleep.

Whatever hurts, can't be seen.

That which is causing me to stay awake at night with throbbing pain is no where to be found.

If the pain causing injury would show up in deep purple or crimson red, I'd feel a little better.

For now, I quietly accept the pain, unable to show off a severe cut, bruise, scrape, or otherwise, and hopefully can sleep without interruption.

How can something invisible, hurt so badly? When I find out, I'll let you know.


Sarah Markley said…
I'm sorry friend. i hate that. now I've never hurt my finger whille working little league snack bar, but i'm sure i can understand. Ouch. =(