Traversing with Wings

I enjoy running along a dirt path that is situated along a flood channel near my home. The ducks swim with their ducklings in the green, moss filled water that trickles, and eventually drops, into the Pacific Ocean.

One day on my jog, I noticed a long-legged bird with a white ring around its neck. Since I quickly determined that the bird was not of the pigeon, sparrow, or crow variety, its uniqueness intrigued me enough to visually follow its journey. As it came to the steep sides of the flood channel, I expected the bird to evaluate the slopes degree, determine that a walk was out of the question, and lift its wings to fly down to the water’s edge. However, the bird continued to walk down the slick slope, slowly traversing, using his spindly legs and pointed talons for the seemingly long journey.

I questioned the bird’s decision to walk down to the water as opposed to flying. I couldn’t understand why a creature, who has the God given ability to fly, would take the hard way down to the water, and walk, sliding with each step.
I couldn't help but think that at times, God looks upon the journeys that we choose and questions, “Why are they walking down the steep slope, slipping as they go, when I have given them wings to fly?”

I often chose the harder road instead of trusting in God to help me use my wings. There have been many times when my way of doing things seemed easier, and God forgave me when I failed to trust in His way for my life.

How does your life journey look? Will you struggle down the steep slope, sliding as you go, or will you trust in His promises and use the wings God gave you?

The choice is yours.

Next time, I’m using my wings.


What a great devotional, Linda. It's chock-full of truth and will help me today as I walk on not so spindly legs. !
What a super glad that I stopped by. This is my first visit but will be back...Hope you will visit me.