Sit Near the Intercom

I thought I might led you a helping tip.

Tonight we were sitting in the car next to the front door of the restaurant where we were taking the kids for dinner. I was doing some business on the phone, so I didn't hear every word that erupted from the intercom when I was outside the car talking.

The little boys were climbing a nearby tree, and the big kids and my husband sat inside the closed car listening to the Angels game on the radio. I was the one depended on to receive the "your table is ready" signal. I failed.

When I walked inside the restaurant to find out how much longer the wait would be, the gal informed me that they called our name four times and we never responded.

It didn't help that I gave the name "Chuck," and in "Chuck Norris" to be funny for the kids. "Chuck" wasn't a familiar name, that I was used to hearing.

The gal inside the restaurant told me that it would be another 15 minutes since they called us four times and we never responded. They gave our table away.

We all sat, starving, waiting another 15 minutes, with four squirmy children. Not fun.

Not to self: Use your real name, sit near the intercom, and get off the phone - next time.