Short Order Cook and More

I feel as though my resume needs adjusting. Although, I am not in a position to need an adjusted resume being that I posses a full-time job, that I intend to keep, nonetheless, I have some added skills that should be noticed.

Being a mom has given me the uncanny ability to acquire skills I never knew I was capable of possessing.

I frustrate at times at the way small people bark orders at me while I stand in the kitchen. I, am a short order cook.

The sound works on the computer, but the screen is blank. After some plug readjustment and some button pushing, the full color picture emerges, and I, am a computer repair person.

The washer fluid in my car has gone dry, and the bug to glass ratio has increased enough to cloud my vision. I pop the hood of my car, and fill the reservoir with washer fluid. I am a gas station attendant.

My daughters new shorts are slightly long and resemble culottes as opposed to shorts. I drag out the circa 1962 sewing machine and alter the length. I am a seamstress.

What new skill will I be forced to acquire in these days of motherhood? One will soon discover.

What new skill have you acquired?


This is too funny =) I can definitely see the truth in it, though.