I Wouldn't Make a Good Nurse

I'm super glad that I never went to nursing school because I would have failed. I am pretty good at caring for sick children, however, I am not so good at caring for sick adults. Is that bad?

I guess the fact that I didn't choose a career in nursing has saved a lot of people from complaining to the administration regarding my lack of caring for others properly. However, since I was in elementary education for 20 years, I would probably do well as a pediatric nurse.

Please don't ask why I am even bring this up for discussion, because I am not a nurse and don't plan on ever becoming a nurse. There, that is solved.

I am though, utterly amazed at the caring hearts of those who make a living out of caring for the sick, and constantly meeting the needs of strangers. That is such a gift.

Don't get me wrong. I love people. I love relating to people and discovering more about them. I love watching people and hanging out with people. I love talking and listening to people, I'm just not great with sick people.

All you nurses out there, rock! I wish that I was more like you.


Iris said…
I'm with you! I'm so thankful there are those who are OK with the not always (if ever) glamorous job of nursing. Both my husband and son had surgery this past winter and I was so very thankful for the kind people who were there when they needed them and were willing to deal with everything that comes with sick people, being gentle and patient while doing it!
Sarah Markley said…
so sorry your kiddos are sick. i missed you last week!!
Brad Huebert said…
THis is totally unrelated, but Sarah showed me your book at Mt. Hermon and it looks great. Nice job, sister!
Angela said…
Loved this, because I too am not so good with sick adults...especially when my poor husband gets sick. But I'm nurturing with my kids...yeah, being a nurse is something I wanted to do when I was three, I'm glad I made other choices.
Anonymous said…
As a student nurse who had a rough day working on the pediatric unit, I thank you for your encouraging post. Caring for people can be difficult, but it always helps to think that every person is somebody's child, father, mother, brother, sister, etc... Some days are HARD, but seeing sick people get better because I helped them makes it totally worth it.