I Refuse

I think that my computer is possessed. Almost every time that I try to type the work God, it ends up being typed with a lower case "G" instead of capitalized with an upper case "G".

There is nothing that I do differently as I type the work God, and all the other time when I type proper names I have no problem with the shift key, however, 9 times out of 10 when I look back at what I have typed, I discover that the word God, appears with a lower case "g" and is not capitalized.

I think that satan tries to mess with my computer. It sounds silly, but the frequency of the typo makes me consider satan's devious ways. He is truly stupid.

Therefore, let it be told, that from this point forward, I refuse to capitalize the work satan. He doesn't deserve a capital letter. I don't care if it is grammatically incorrect or if the punctuation police are going to arrest me I will not, under any circumstances, capitalize the "S" in satan.

Join with me. Won't you? We all know, satan is stupid.


Denise said…
i do not capitalize the name satan on purpose. i'm with you!