Everyone's Got Something

I love listening to the Dr. Laura show, but it makes me sad. There are so many hurting people. Crazy things are going on in the lives of people. Parents are struggling with the children, couples chose the wrong mate, and family members hate each other. Every body's got something wrong. A guy today was in tears because his wife has had three homosexual affairs and one heterosexual affair. Yes, they have children. Ugh.

Listening to the show makes me entirely grateful for my family and the hang-ups that I consider difficult in my life. I am so glad that I serve a great God that hears my cries, and who brings hope and healing, and who I can connect with at any moment.

I am thrilled that I can run to God, my Father, for comfort and encouragement.

I am blessed with a husband who is a real man, who loves Jesus, helps with the kids, and around the house, and loves me with all of his heart.

My kids aren't perfect. They make mistakes, but there is no doubt in their mind that they are loved and that their parents love each other.

People need God. Who do you need to help connect with your God? A neighbor? A friend? A mom at your kids' school?

We need to connect the disconnected so that can know the hope we have in Jesus.


Denise said…
yes, "everyone's got something" and i'm glad that in my "somethings"
i 've got God (capital "G").
may our lives be testimony of His goodness and Godness.
Brad Huebert said…
Right on, Linda. Well put. Love your heart, and glad to hear you're married to a real man.

Not too many of those out there, methinks.