Dog's Life

We adopted a dog. I already posted about that though.

She is black, a lab, and very affectionate. Did I tell you that?

I have now discovered that she is a very picky eater. That is new.

When she first arrived, I diligently drove to the pet store and bought the appropriate food. She ate one bowl full and then snubbed her nose the rest of times I tried to fill her bowl. Only after I laced the food with olive oil, did she devour the bowl's contents and wait for more. I know well enough that dogs shouldn't eat olive oil at every meal that I drove to the pet store in hopes of finding some other food that suited her taste buds. As if I have nothing else to do in my day.

The next purchase of dog food was a combination of chicken, rice, oatmeal, and other delicacies. Once again, she devoured the first bowl, the second bowl, the third bowl, and then stopped. She refused to eat for 24 hours.

Again, I journeyed to the pet store, this time confused and needing answers in regards to my finicky friend.

"It is a myth that dogs will eat anything." The helpful cashier told me. "The duck and potato combination is our most popular food and a topper of wet food would work well."

I left the pet store with a small bag of potato and duck dry dog food, and a can of potato and duck wet dog food.

After concocting a perfect blend of the wet and dry food, I set the bowl down and Cali gorged on the contents in the bowl. I smiled. Potato and duck was a success.

Half a bag and three cans later, our dog has once again stopped eating. I cannot be bothered with tying to figure out what combination of food will meet the needs of a dog's appetite.

I am dumbfounded actually, and frustrated. I can't understand how a dog, that was rescued from a shelter in L.A. where she was fed who knows what food and slept on cold cement, can snub her nose at potato and duck dog food now, after loving it for the first three bowls.

I am not, I repeat, not, going to try another food. She'll just have to learn to love potatoes mixed with duck or starve.


Anonymous said…
dogs will not starve themselves so i would not worry. Like a kid, if she knows she can get other food by not eating what you give her, that is what she will do. You are not a short-order dog chef! Really, don't worry about it. My dog did the same thing! I stopped being his personal caterer, and now he eats what i give him!
This is cracking me up, Linda. I've never heard of dogs doing this, only cats. I'm with you; I don't get why he doesn't think he's in heaven. Does that duck and potato stuff really have duck meat and potatoes in it, or is that the brand name?