Do I Know You?

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone at church, school, _______, and 1. not knowing their name, and 2. not remembering how you know them, from whence they came prior to school, church, ___________.


There is also, nothing more annoying than seeing someone that you have met/seen before, and they pretend like they do not know who you are.

This happened to me twice in the past two days with the same person. Mind you, this is someone who's office I have sat in and had a discussion with. The discussion was budget and numbers related, so I would not completely rule out mental and emotional disconnect during the entire conversation, however, I cannot rule out the fact that the conversation lasted 10 minutes, and said person was doing most of the jabber. I would be the one diconnecting. Math and I don't play well together.

I have determined that the ignorer is either insecure, doesn't like me and chooses to ignore me, or I have an extremely forgettable face. None of which would surprise me.

I, being the people pleaser, have battled with the fact that I did, or said, something to this person which has caused them to ignore me out of pure dislike. That's fine, however, given the little amount of time we have spent together, I find it highly unlikely.

I'm going with insecure. I will throw in some introversion also, but I am leaving it at that.

Some people ignore others. That is just a basic fact that need to accept.


Mel said…
People are weird.
... Paige said…
As Mel said, people are weird.

I don't you should be insecure and most likely shouldn't take it too personal. Speaking from similar experiences, I found that some people are so full of themselves that any one that does not fawn all over them is deemed not worthy of being remembered.

So see it is their own insecurity that makes them unable to remember a normal person. Or could be she is just mean that way.
If the ignorer was doing most of the blabbering, is it possible they were so wrapped up in themselves and their point that they weren't really paying attention to the other faces? Or maybe they had a lot on their mind that day and didn't really absorb their surroundings?