Blessed are the Other Mothers

I am not a fan of Lost, so if you automatically went to the assumption that this post was Lost related, it is not. The little that I do know regarding Lost is that the "Others" are not good and the "Other Mother" to which I am referring is very great.

Yesterday my daughter came running into the kitchen shouting, "Lily invited me to see the midnight premiere of Hannah Montana." My mind immediately went to "Hmmm" I quickly thought. "Drop her off at 11:00 at night, and then set my alarm for 2:30 to pick her up." This was not sounding very fun in my mind.

I loved the idea and plan, I loathed the role that I had in the plan, and then Lily's mother called. Not only did she say that the tickets were their treat, she offered to pick and and bring home my daughter. This plan was sounding much better. What a gracious lady.

I adjusted to the idea instantly, and all went well. I waited for my daughter to return at 2:30 a.m. and then the phone rang. I panicked slightly. Nothing great happens at 2:30 a.m.

"Can I spend the night at Lily's mom?" After my heart stopped beating out of control from the sudden wake up call, I agreed. Not only did the other mother take the girls to the movie, but she brought my daughter home to gather her things for the sleepover, and then drove the girls back to her house.

I love other mothers that are fun and gracious. I hope that I am the other mother to - other mothers.