What Gives?

It never fails.
I'm not exaggerating.
I speak the truth on this one with very little fabrication.

I'd love to know what is the chemical that drives my little kids' bowels to move every time we are some place other than our home at dinner time.

For the umteenth time, while we were out, purchasing food for dinner, the family sits and socializes with one another and the bowels of my children begin great movement. They have to poop. We went to Red Robin the other night because I had a coupon, and returned from a flight to WA right at dinner time. Before our food arrived, both my seven and five year old had to poop.

I cannot tell you how many times I have stood in the stall of a bathroom, while my child sits, and the food at our table cools down in temperature. The wait seems like forever. Even more frustrating than the wait, for the child who continues to sit on the toilet, is the amount of insignificat questions that fly from sitting and waiting and waiting and sitting.

"Mom, how do they make tile?"
"What is your favorite food?"
"Why do they have trash cans in here?"
"Do you know that I have a quarter in my pocket?"

I suppose if we decided to eat at home, the whole hanging out in the bathroom stall for the little kids to poop and ask questions would be eliminated, however, that would mean that I would have to concoct a homemade dinner between the time I arrive home from work, 5:00, and the time we eat, 6:00, and, attempt to add a grocery store visit in that hour to purchase the ingredients. It's just easier sometimes, after poor planning, to eat out.

I just don't get it. I don't the correlation between being out for dinner and the moving of bowels. We could be at a fast food joint or Applebees, and pooping is always a must before our food arrives.

Perhaps this is just another one of those things in life I will never understand. I'm getting used to not understanding much.


Eve said…
This made me laugh and I can so relate. I'm thankful my daughter is no longer in that phase.
Denise said…
did you just talk about poop on your blog :-0

we like to refer to poop as "doing your business."

it never fails that my kids choose to do their "business" when we are out to eat.
i'm onto them, and i take them to the potty the moment we walk into the restaurant. and that's it! if they have to go again they wait till i am done eating my warm, delicious, not-made-or-cleaned-up-by-me-meal!

oh and we have a rule in my house daddy takes the boy, i get the girls.

you should apply that rule to your house, now that your girl is a teen :-)

i like to make rules that work in my favor (hahahahhaha).

oh, and i want your book.