Watered Down

We happen to live in a home that has two bathrooms, for six people. Our "master bath" has one sink, one toilet, and a sunk in bathtub and shower.

My daughter has the largest bathroom with two sinks and a single shower with no tub. Did I mention that all six of us use our small, one sink, bathroom and my daughter is the only one who uses her bathroom. Oh, and did I mention that she doesn't like her shower because it fills up with water so she uses ours, at 6:15 in the morning?

I have assembled bottles in our shower which include my shampoo and my conditioner. My special shampoo adds volume, to help with my limp locks.

My boys have "man" shampoo and body soap that smells like grass and trees mixed with musky man scent. I steer clear of those bottles.

My daughter uses my shampoo and conditioner and has her own sweet pea scented body soap and cucumber melon shave cream.

The other day the little boys were in our shower getting wet, and hardly soaping. I could tell from the laughs that they were having fun. Since they weren't arguing and screaming, I let them stay for longer than necessary.

When they were ready to get out they hollered for me to help them dry off and continued to bellow until I reached the door. That's always a treat - when kids scream at you and won't stop screaming until they see your lovely, angry, face.

When I entered the shower, I could tell that something was genuinely wrong. The tub was void of water and overflowing with piles of bubbles. My brand new, industrial sized bottle of shampoo was nearly empty. Not so fun.

I lectured the boys on how they should never use my shampoo for a bubble shower and that it was a waste of money and shampoo. They didn't get it.

When it was my turn to take a shower I had a speck of shampoo left to use. When I went to pump out some conditioner the palm of my hand filled with water. Evidently, in their attempts to ruin everything in the shower that belonged to me, they filled my conditioner bottle with water. Nice.

No more shampoo, no more conditioner, and no more boys messing with my supplies.

I left the shower smelling like, grass and trees mixed with a musky man scent - for obvious reasons.


Denise said…
we have two bathrooms and everyone uses our shower, our sinks, MY SPACE!

but they have gotten the "don't even think about touching my fancy, $$$, volumizing shampoo and conditioner, or else!!!"

i've considered using the other pretty bathroom, but i think they'd all follow me in there.

btw- for volume in your hair, as drying it, dry it with the heat, than zap it with the cold (yep, that's what that cool button is for). that will set it!