My car door is stuck. It is sticky stuck. The door is very hard to open because of the stickiness.

My son spilled a soda and it tumbled to the drivers' side of the car seeping down under the door and drying into a sticky goo. I suppose I could get a rag soaked in hot water and wipe the base of the door and floor. I suppose I could spray the goo with some all-purpose cleaner and unstick my door. I suppose I could do a lot of things, but according to my lack of doing any of these tasks, I'm too lazy and would rather bang my shoulder against the car door to help it open.

Cleaning up the mess would probably take me 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops, but I procrastinate. That's what I do.

My son should clean the mess. He made the sticky mess, but the chances of that happening aren't great.

And so I continue to drive a car, with a stuck door because of the sticky mess that is sucking the door shut.

All I need is a good rain. If we had a heavy rain and I left my car on the driveway with the drivers' side door wide open for 5 minutes, my stuck door sticky situation would be solved.

I'll pray for rain.


Mel said…
You need a road trip to Seattle!