Snow, Sleet, Rain, Hail, Frozen Rain, and a Bit of Sun

I had the great privilege last weekend of flying to Seattle, WA to speak at a women's conference at Overlake Christian Church. I got meet meet my blog friend Lisa. (That's another post)

I came bearing tan arms since the weekend before I left our temperatures reached the mid 70's and I was out in the sun all day
Saturday watching Little League baseball games.

I knew that Seattle had different weather than Southern California so I was prepared, okay other than my faux-snake skin pumps, but who wears clunky boots with a suit? The pumps were a must for my suit according to my very fashion forward friend.

I had no idea just how different the weather would be. In addition, I had no idea that I would experience every type of weather possible within a three day period, well, we had no tornadoes, or hurricanes.

I left sunny Southern California on Friday and arrived in sunny Seattle. Mt. Rainier was "out" meaning I could see it in and all of it's glory as opposed to having it be hidden by a multitude of clouds.

By the time we left for the conference on Friday night, it was raining. When we woke up in the morning it was hailing. It turned into balls of white stuff, not quite hail, but frozen rain. The ground outside was blanketed in white.

When we exited the conference at 3:00 it was raining again. My gracious girlfriend Mel who lives in Seattle gave me a driving tour of downtown and it was sunny. By the time we arrived back to my girlfriend Jodie's house, it was sleety snowy. At dinner time we welcomed more frozen rain.

On our way to church it was cold and cloudy. When we exited the church at 1:00 it was clear. When we arrived at the airport it was snowing. Oh my.

My head was spinning with winter weather weariness, but it was fun seeing all kinds of weather in one weekend. Fun because I didn't have to stay for days on end with four children and cabin fever.

Today I talked to my friend Jodie. She woke up to 20 degree temperatures. At least while I was there it was only in the 30's. Oooh, that's warm.

I loved-




Lisa said…
we loved having you here!

and it was so much fun meeting my 1st from-a-distance blog friend!

and i already told you this ... but i was jealous of your tan ALL WEEKEND!

love meeting you.

Mel said…
I think the weather may have been even weirder today. I want a refund.