In case you don't know, my job at Saddleback Church is working on a team that supports our regional campuses. We have three other campuses in addition to the "Mother ship" in Lake Forest, CA.

We are in the process of considering another location for a Saddleback Campus in a city called Laguna Woods, where the average age of the folks living there is 68. Yes, it is a retirement community, but these folks are active.

I am in charge of answering questions right now about the campus and going over the response cards that have been received from potential attendees. I love reading the names of the people who live there, Joan, Dottie, Evelyn, Douglas, Robert, and Mary Ellen. they names are so "old school" and fun.

The names on the cards are typically written in pen, printed neatly and legibly, and have all the information that we need. Many of them do not have email, but that is fine with us.

As I was going through the cards, I got really sad. One of the names written on a card looked as if the person writing the name was using a vibrating pen. the name was readable but each letter was squiggly. I almost started crying. I felt sorry for the woman who filled out the card and I got all emotional. I showed my friend the card, and he said,
"Why does this made you sad?"
"I just feel sorry for her that she is too shaky to write."
"Don't be sad, maybe she is one of the most joyful people in Laguna woods, and just has shaky hands."

"Do you think she is happy?"
"I bet that she is very happy."

He made me feel better, but I was still a little sad.

this assignment is going to be tough.

I get sad for older people too often and now I will be surrounded by them.

I hope that they are all Christians and get to spend eternity in Heaven, where none of them will have shaky hands.


Denise said…
i love old people. i was raised by my grands, i think that developed in me sensitivity for the elderly.
oh and older men, so cute! i hope my husband is a cute over-all wearing older man (when he's older)

your just the tender-hearted person they need in your role.