I have never participated in a Karate or any other self-defense class, but I am fairly sure that I could give a mugger or robber a run for his money, or my money, if push came to shove, literally.

I have a good amount of self defense mechanisms that I could unleash at any moment, if it were utterly necessary.

I could conjure up a loogie, step on some toes with my heal, blast into a nostril with my keys, high knee kick in the groin area, and twist an arm, just to name a few.

As I was web searching for safety batons, not for my personal use of course, I came across another remarkable self defense mechanism for which I wasn't aware. I stumbled upon a book devoted solely to instructing people on the art of flashlight fighting. Yes, you read that correctly. It is titled, "Flashlight fighting Book."


"A simple 6-inch flashlight is an extremely potent self-defense weapon if wielded properly and is among the few useful items one may carry that has yet to be legislated into liability."

Now that is information, everyone must know.

I now know that if I ever find myself in downtown Los Angeles with just my purse and a flashlight, I know that I will be able to fight off a gang member or mugger as long I read up on Flashlight Fighting, and, as long as they are not yielding a gun.


Denise said…
this is hilarious! just last week i was talking to a self defense guns kinda guy, and telling him what i have for self-defense my "mag light flash-light!"
it's heavy, and under my bed, just in case i have any late night intruders!

hahahhahaha, i haven't had to use it, but i would!
Phil Elmore said…
Hi Linda,

I'm the author of the book, "Flashlight Fighting." The point of the book is to explain the techniques one would use to take a small flashlight -- six inches or less in length -- and use it as a striking tool. There's an ancient Japanese weapon called the "yawara" that is basically a wooden dowel of roughly the same size, and "Flashlight Fighting" borrows liberally from this weapon's heritage in adapting the pocket flashlight to this purpose. My book also covers the basics of awareness and other self-defense concepts. There's a brief section on larger flashlights -- the big D-cell Maglites -- that are basically used like clubs because they're so heavy, but the primary focus of the book is on smaller tools. Drop me a line through my websites, and , if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Phil Elmore