Just a Question

So I was asked the other day, "What is your favorite book of all time?"
Honestly, I had no answer.

I wasn't allowed to say the Bible, that's a given, I had to come up with something else.

I just couldn't think. I felt like I had failed in the "gaining knowledge through reading" category in life. I know that I enjoy reading. I know that there a lot of great books both classic and modern that I have discovered over the years, however, my mind went blank. That has been an issue with me - blank mind-ige.

I love to read non-fiction. Does that count? I love to learn things through reading? Will that work? Magazine are great when I am sitting at a baseball practice, the beach, or waiting in the pick-up line at school. Do I get credit for those?

The greatest book I have ever read? The Bible.

That answer isn't allowed, I know, but that is my answer and I am sticking to it. I do have one more answer which probably isn't allowed either.


Now that is a great book.


Sarah Markley said…
i love it...shameless plug. hey...i still want to give one away on my blog. are you going to be at school this afternoon?
I love nonfiction,too. I'm drawn to it in bookstores much more than fiction.
Mother Hood said…
Thanks for signing and sending the books. I'm excited to read it. And will start my blog series when I get back from SoCal, sometime next week.

One question: When your kids sing "Miss Suzy" what does she say as a teenager?

When we were kids she said, "oooh ahhh. I lost my bra. I left it in my boyfriend's car!" Isn't that terrible?!

We got in SO much trouble for singing the "Miss Suzy" song. I hope it's been cleaned up over the years. Or maybe the kids in our neighborhood were just sleezy.
Denise said…
i'm looking forward to reading Spilt Milk!

i enjoy your blog, you are very witty, i bet the book is terrific!

before kids, i was a preschool teacher. as a preschool teacher, i use to spill my milk on purpose. i wanted the kids to see a grown up make mistakes (like we all do), i wanted to give room for them to spill their milk, because inevitably they all would. i wanted to provide a safe place for them to grow. it is easier to spill your milk with kids than it is to spill your milk with the adults in your life. but i think jesus wants us to, he doesn't want us to have it together, he wants to have it togehter for us. i have been learning that the hard way.

sorry, i am giving such deep thoughts on milk spillage.

gotta love the bible! all that "pure spiritual milk." :-)
i'm really enjoying oswald chambers and c.s. lewis in this season of life. i have also really enjoyed some of the ol' saints; fenelon, lawrence, augustine. good stuff!