It was an Accident

I have seen two car accidents in two days. Generally speaking, people need to slow down and pay attention. Me - people - included.

By God's grace plus a host of praying each time I exit my driveway, I haven't been involved in a car accident for 3 years. That's good for me. With four children, paying attention while I am driving is an after thought. Just keeping it real.

Just the other day, I pulled out of the driveway without looking really well in my rear view mirror. I had forgotten that my husband was still home and that his car was parked in the driveway.

I narrowly escaped ramming our side mirrors together, or worse, smashing the front side of his car with the back side of mine. Again, by God's grace, I left the driveway accident free.

My large car makes it difficult for me to see everything around and behind me when I am backing out of anywhere. Twice I have backed into cars that I never saw, and one of those cars I hit not once, but twice, thinking the whole time that I was hitting the curb.

One time, in a parking lot, I backed into a parked car. I went into the store to notify the shopper. When the cashier made the announcement over the loud speaker, I was sad when the lady who's car I backed into came rushing to the cashier.

"That was my car!" she announced. "Did I win a prize?"

"Yes," I thought. You won a prize. You get to rent a car on my dime while your back tail light and bumper get fixed with money from my wallet. Congratulations.

I need to pay better attention while I am driving. I figure that if I pay attention and pray, and sprinkle in some grace from God, I should be accident free for quite some time.

That's my goal.


Denise said…
i almost hit a car the other day. i was rolling forward to a stop and was that (fingers showing you an inch) close to the bumper. i blame it on the car to the left of me for being a distraction. the lady in the car had a bouncy chair (for babies) on the passenger seat, elevated to window height, with a little chiwawa dog, covered by a blanket. weird. very, very distracting. only in california!
Oh, the humiliation of the fender bender. I still remember mine from last year like it was today.