Bye Bye Birdie

So the big news of the week was from Laguna Beach. Okay, maybe it wasn't big news, but it was awesome news.

Laguna Beach is well, at the beach. Main Beach is a place where people go to people watch, play basketball, and stroll along the wooded decking licking ice cream cones while enjoying the sunshine.

One of the locals enjoys strolling with his parrot perched upon his shoulder. People like to stop him and ask questions about his bird.

On Thursday, while the gentleman was strolling and talking, a Red Tail Hawk swooped down from the sky, plucked the parrot from the gentleman's shoulder, and flew away to devour it's prey. The witnesses not only couldn't believe what they saw, they couldn't believe that the Laguna Beach Police did nothing. What were they supposed to do, arrest the hawk for murder?

Sad man+dead macaw=happy hawk. No police needed