Blog Friend!

One of the highlights of my venturing to Washington state to speak, was getting to meet a blog friend. Her blog is titled "Living in my Integrity."

Lisa and I have been reading each others blogs for a year, and I was so excited to meet her face to face as opposed to face to computer screen.

I came bearing souvenirs since this was first face to face with a fellow blogger. I wanted to make a good impression.

The first thing that I noticed about her was how pretty she was. She takes great photos on her blog, but in person she is super cute, and did I mention that she is funny, or and that we clicked like soul mates?

I told her that she needs to come to California and hang out with me. My mother chimed in and said, "You can stay with me!" She better take us up on our offer. I happen to be a great tour guide.

I cannot wait to meet other blog friends.

I would love to just travel the globe and meet new blog friends, however, I have three things that get in the way: 1. a family 2. a full-time job and 3. no money.

Such a drag.


Amy Cheng said…
Ohhhh...I love Lisa too! I agree...totally beautiful inside and out.

I was at AWAKE and heard you speak and WOW are hilarious! I actually sat behind you at service and wanted to tell you how awesome you were, but I get shy sometimes. heh. Thanks so much for speaking...I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) I'm a new fan of your blog now too!
Lisa said…

i'm feelin' the love girlfriend!

i soooo enjoyed meeting you.

and i LOVE my CAT zipper pull. we LOOOOOOVE cats don't we!?!

and you BETTER believe i went DIRECTLY home and put my awesome new SoCal magnet up on the fridge.

i'd love to come down and stay with mom. she is so sweet!

i love that we are each others first. yep ... i just said that. :)

blogging friend people! jeez!

you are kind, generous, tall (totally jealous) and beautiful.

lovin' me some Linda.

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