We Here in Southern California

Since anything and everything other that 70 degree temperatures and blue skies constitutes bad weather in Orange County, it is hard to differentiate between what is really bad weather and what is just angry weather, that is just different, but not so bad.

My daughter left the other morning for a trip to the local mountains with 200 high school students from church. We just had a severe, okay it rained a lot, more than normally, rain storm. The mountains are covered in a blanket of white.

The students were very excited to venture up to the mountains to frolic in the snow. We frolic here since we see actual snow so seldom. Also, we don't own snow clothes. We own jackets that are thicker than a wind breakers, but not so thick that we are actually kept warm for any length of time in the low temperatures. Jeans typically suffice, with an under layering of leggings, and if the rain boots get wet, the sneakers will do just fine.

I got a call this afternoon that the buses were leaving a day early to avoid blizzard like conditions. It turns out that if the students and leaders stayed through the night there was a great chance that they would then be stuck in our local mountains for two more days.

Really? I questioned. Is it really going to be that bad or is everyone overreacting? Remember, Southern Californians overreact with weather conditions.

As I listened to my husband and his explanations of inexperienced winter weather bus drivers attempting to scale mountain roads with little visibility, I scummed to the fact that it was a great idea that they came home early to avoid the blizzard- that's what we are calling the angry weather.

And so, tonight the students and leaders have entered our youth center to finish off their weekend with an all-nighter where they will consume cold pizza, observe stupid human tricks, and finish bonding in the midst of loud music and raucous game playing.

I just hope it doesn't rain. What if it is such a severe storm that we cannot drive to the church to pick up our children. What then? We will have to wait until the weather changes and the temperatures reach 70 with a clear blue sky-and that may take longer than expected.

Admittedly, we here in Southern California are a weather cautious, especially with blizzard like conditions.


There's going to be a run on canoes.