Three Drawers

How many utensil drawers does one family need? I guess that would depend on how many people are in your family. At least that makes sense in my little world. We have six members of our family, and three drawers which hold utensils, two people per drawer, perfect.

One drawer is deep, for large, metal, hamburger flipping spatulas, tongs that are long and metal, and soup ladles. This drawer was often pulled open during the "witching hour" so that young, toddler bodies, could stand at the drawer's edge and spend the next half hour throwing everything from inside the drawer on to the floor. This method of occupying toddlers had incredible success and I would highly recommend to all mothers - of toddlers. Teenagers don't find utensil drawers to be much fun.

Two of the drawers are shallow, for holding items like measuring cups and spoons, orange peelers, and meat thermometers. These drawers are all crowded and messy, however, I know exactly what is inside the drawers, and what utensil belongs to what drawer. I don't think that was proper English, but you get the idea.

I'm considering a reduction - in utensil drawers. We could use the space. However, I would then need to find another place for eight pumpkin knives and scoops, seven wooden spoons separators, and six rubber spatulas. Everyone needs six rubber spatulas.


I too realized during our recent move that I had far too many kitchen utensils! How many nut crackers and melon ballers does one need..right? Of course it also became apparent after down sizing both in family members and square feet...I have five children, only two now still at home. So I decided I only needed one of each specialty utensil and even then some were completely eliminated. How felt great to clean up the dreaded drawers. Now I just got back from helping my brother prepare for a major move. We had a garage sale...and needless to say...many kitchen spatulas and slotted spoons were priced and sold! Maybe we can start a new club?

Stay Cozy, Carrie
Sarah Markley said…
i have one LARGE bottomless drawer. and one small drawer. it's a shame. lots of spatulas. lots of other junk too. =)