Stay Dry

This officially marks the most rainy winter that we have had in a long time. We are beginning to get used to it and not so overcome with strife the minute the drops plop on to the ground, and we are in search of the nearest umbrella, or hoodie, or whatever is close by and waterproof.

We woke today to ominous clouds. Their dark and gloom indicated rain, but they were so far off in the distance that it was questionable whether or not they would bring moisture on not.

From our living room we can see people walking their dogs on the sidewalks and jogging. This morning was no different. We ooh and ahh at the cute dogs that stroll by and each of us grumble with dog envy. We have no dog.

As the kids were brushing their teeth, I was sitting on the ottoman starting out the window at the clouds that had now turned to rain, wondering if our oldest had remembered to pack her umbrella in her book bag.

My thought was interrupted by a dog, and then a long leash and then a man. The man was walking his dog in the rain, however, he had no umbrella, no hoodie, and no rain poncho. This man had cleverly figured out a new way to protect his hair from the threatening water dropping from the sky. This man was different from the rest. This man thought quickly.

He reached deep into his pocket, grabbed hold of an extra, blue colored bag, that is typically used to place dog poop inside when walking your dog, blew air into the bag to puff it up, and with a handle in each hand, placed the bag over his head like a giant, blue, top hat with the handles looped around his ears perfectly. Oh my Mr Man.

Fashion forward? No. Clever? Perhaps. Goofy look of the season? Indeed.

Someone needs to tell that man, "Hey, it's only water."


Denise said…
some of us work hard on our hair! he is genius in my book.:-)
You gotta love that confidence! and ingenuity.