Overusing Exclamations

I think that I have fallen into the trap of overusing exclamation points. I confess that I am trying to overcome my temptation to add three or more exclamation points to the end of a sentence.

Facebook users are notorious for exclamation over indulgence and I add myself to that list.

"Hi [so and such] you look great!!!!!"
"Good Morning!"
"Falling asleep as I sit at my computer!!!!!!!!"

Even in emails, the exclamation point has been given too much credit.

"Let's do lunch!!!!"
"you are so right!!!!!"
"Craving a cheese enchilada!!!!"
"I love Las Vegas!!!!!"

I'm just over the over use of exclamation points. I may stand alone, however, when you read my post, or review my status on Facebook, and note the periods only and missing exclamation points, it doesn't mean that I am boring and not excited about things. I just refraining, from the over usage of, well, shouting.


Denise said…
well then, i'll just have to TYPE REALLY BIG to make my point.
Mother Hood said…
We have a grandma whose fingers seem to get stuck on XXXXXXXXXX and OOOOOOOOOO at the end of emails. I guess she has an endless supply of kisses and hugs!!!!!! ;o)
spreeport@cox.net said…
So I think I might be guilty of this so I asked myself why?Emails/FB have taken over the way we communicate. With phone calls we could hear the mood/tone in one another voice. That's hard to do through emails/FB. So I add !!!, hahaha, and LOL just incase. Is that a good excuse????
There are times I have not been able to express my feeling, and just as you would with a raised eyebrow or shrugged shoulder, I have typed "!" by itself to express exasperation or something else.