Ot Oh Man!

We purchased a beautiful, inexpensive ottoman from Living Spaces back in November to accent our much-needed new couch. The ottoman had four sections that made for a nice storage area. The tops flipped over and made for functional trays to eat from or do homework in, or sit in. Nice.

Unfortunately, within the first three weeks the ottoman began to fall apart. The straps on the trays tore off, the seams came undone, and the fake leather material began to pull away from the wood.

Living Spaces pleasantly replaced the ottoman and brought us a new one.

Within one day, the inside dividers had fallen and the nail and staples were exposed. Once again I had to call to have the ottoman replaced. When the delivery personnel came to replace my second ottoman with the third, I suggested we check the furniture prior to their leaving. Good call.

As soon as the delivery guys pulled off the top piece to look inside the storage area, they saw two pieces had again pulled away from the structure and nails and staples were exposed. Wow.

Three ottomans later, We opted out of a fourth. We are settling on a completely different ottoman and will gladly use the $100.00 gift card to Living Spaces that we received for our troubles.

I hope that the new ottoman doesn't fall apart. I'm getting a little tired of arranging my schedule around the return and delivery of faulty furniture.