I am a sucker for a great muffin. I will take muffins any way I can get them.

When I was younger I used to eat gooey bran muffins for breakfast. i convinced myself that since the muffin was made from bran, in addition to the seven pounds of sugar and molasses, it was healthy.

Bran muffins were healthy like zucchini bread and carrot cake.

Today it's official, I am deeming that anything made from vegetables is automatically deemed healthy, especially if it is in the form of a muffin.


I used to think bagels were lo-cal because they weren't doughnuts! I myself prefer the muffin tops to the whole muffin, but I consider that extravagant and so I eat the whole muffin. Yesterday I saw on someone's blog that carrot muffins were her fave and I was like "Whaaat?" But maybe she meant carrot cake-like muffins.