Knocking Doors Down

We have a door that leads from our garage to the patio in front of our house. To get to our front door, we either have to walk through the side door, or the garage door.

Although we have some things in our garage that we would miss if they went missing, we never lock the side door. Since we do not own a key to this door, it would be impossible to open if it was ever locked.

Last post I mentioned the fact that I often take things that always work correctly for granted. My tail light is out, still, the other day my car didn't start, and I forgot to bring attention to the fact that my electric garage door opener hasn't worked in months. I haven't been too bothered since I am typically taxi-ing a brood of children we can be easily coaxed into jumping out of the car to hit the button which opens the garage.

Today, I really missed being able to properly use my garage door opener. The side door, which is never locked and missing a key, was locked. The time was 3:45. Inside the garage sat two baseball bags with cleats, batting helmets, bats, and gloves.

Baseball practices were being held at 4:00 and 4:30. I needed to get to those bat bags. Also inside was a bike helmet that my neighbor wanted to borrow for a BMX bike party his son was attending. The party was scheduled for 4:30.

It's a great thing that my neighbor is a fire fighter. Although he was missing his handy axe, steel toe boots, and "jaw of life," he did rustle up an good sized wrench to peel off the stubborn doorknob, and with a swift bang of his hip against the door, it opened.

We are now the proud owners of a jacked up doorknob, and door with splintered wood and a broken latch, however, we were only 5 minutes late for baseball and all equipment was in tow.

Everyone should have a neighbor who is a firefighter, or at the very least, an electric garage door opener that actually works.


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