It's the little things that I take for granted, like flipping on a switch and the lights going on, filling a glass of water from the sink, and without a thought, having the water pour from the faucet and water emerging.

I take zippers for granted, and shoe laces. I appreciate shutting the door when the rain is pelting the ground outdoors but take the door and the roof over my head for granted.

I take for granted the fact that both of my turn signals on my car work properly and that my car starts when I insert the key into the ignition and turn it clockwise. However, when either of these things malfunction. They are deeply missed, especially the one about the car starting properly.

A week ago my right signal went out I have had two people wave at me to roll my window down to inform me of the lack of light beaming from my right brake light. "Oh thanks!" I bellow even though I have known for over a week that my tail light is way gone. My husband is very handy, however, who wants to bother finding a tail light at the Tail lights R Us store, removing the old tail light, inserting the new tail light, and fixing the problem? Not us, evidently. This is ultimately more that just a quick stop, and off I drive.

The other day my car decided not to start. That's no fun. It appears, after close investigation, that someone under the age of 6 turned on the dome lights to get a better look and something and forgot to turn the lights off. Dome lights on all night=car not starting in the morning.

My car eventually got started, that's good. My tail light is still out. That's not so good. I miss my tail light. I vow never to take him for granted again. I just wish Mr. Tail light read a self help book and could take care of his lack of beam on his own. I don't have time to coddle or tail light shop.


Denise said…
sounds like we are driving the same car, with the same dome-light-leaving-on-kids.
I was just thinking today, "I love how the garage door goes up at the push of a button on my key fob." Is this normal, or normal for Lids?