Inappropriate-ness Deluxe

Admittedly I only sat in front of the television to watch the Super Bowl because of the snacks. The homemade cheese dip and guacamole were too good to pass up.

Another reason why I watch men throwing their bodies at one another was due impart to the commercials. The commericials that air during the Super Bowl game are supposed to be award winning.

As I sat with my family, young children included, I was shocked at how many of the commercials were trashy and inappropriate.

In the Doritos commercial, when the guy crunched on his Doritos chip, the pretty girl walking toward him suddenly lost all of her outer clothing and was left standing in only her bra, underwear, stockings, and stocking holder-upper thing. The name of this lingerie item has slipped my mind. No pun intended.

On the commercial for Teleflora, the box of flowers are talking to the girl receiving the flowers. Insulting her, they say, "No one wants to see you naked."

The Carl's Jr. commercial has a girl changing into skimpy dresses four times while, grabbing, adjusting, and arranging her boobs every three seconds.

The Daddy dot com commercial has Danika Patrick on the computer monitor taking a shower eight times. One man watching the computer screen yells, "Awesome!" when she drops her towel. The company admitted that they were "pushing the envelope" this year with their commercials.

I was so disappointed. Such garbage. It's too bad that companies felt the need to be so inappropriate. Unfortunately, that's the world in which we live.


Jodie Howerton said…
I noticed this, too! I also thought they all lacked creativity for the most part. Honestly, I guess they were out of good ideas and said, "well, sex sells anything...." Not to this mama!