I Admit

I got hooked. I got hooked from the get go. There, I admit it.

I got home late last night after Bible study and my husband was deeply engrossed in 24. No, that is not the show that "hooked" me. Although I am sure that Jack Bauer is a great guy, upstanding citizen and all, I just can't get into his life threatening situations like the rest of America. Does the guy ever sleep? Evidently not. He is way too busy to sleep.

the show that "hooked" me was True Beauty. My girlfriend had told me about the premise of the show, and I wasn't intrigued from the description, however, once I watched it, I was smitten. We are dating now.

I was baffled by the conceit of the "beauties" and how highly they thought of themselves, and, when left to their own morals and integrity, many of them failed. Ouch.

I have the series recorded. I wonder who will fail to open the door for someone in need of assistance, dip their shoes in the champagne bucket because chocolate was spilled all over them, or cuss outloud when they are told that their face is not symmetrical and therefore not that pretty. Oooh.

True beauty comes from within, and no one needs a plastic surgeon to tell them that.


Mel said…
You should know this about me: I have never missed a single episode of "24." Ever. Since the beginning of time.
I started to watch this because I heard good things about it and thought it would be interesting, but I can't take on one more good show. I'm having trouble keeping up with the three I watch now. But the youth pastor I work with thought she might get some good teaching points from this show.