The Gift That Sucks - Really

I received a new Dust Buster for Valentine's Day. I made a concerted effort to tell my three boys that under no circumstances, when they are old enough to give a gift to a special someone, should they ever give an appliance, especially one used for cleaning.

In my husband's defense, I wanted a Dust Buster, however it did feel odd, when he was opening his new clock radio, and watch, I was ooing and ahhing over a hand held vacuum. It was more of a joke. We shopped together at Target and threw random odds and ends into the shopping cart including cleaning supplies and kept saying, "another Valentine's gift for me." It was no secret that I was receiving a Dust Buster in addition to sandwich bags and a box of cereal.

The bag of solid milk chocolate hearts from See's Candy more than made up for the appliance purchase. I'm a sucker for great chocolate, and See's Candy is my absolute favorite. I picked that gift out too.

Valentine's Day has come and gone and my children are already asking about the next holiday that is coming around when they can get more toys, wow, that's frustrating, but expected, from a 5 and 7 year old.

My birthday is just around the corner and down the road a bit-April. I have made it perfectly clear that appliance purchases are unacceptable. I'm thinking more in the line of a jacket that doesn't have a hole in the pocket, or a pair of shoes that are less than two years old. I'll ask for a replacement for my 12 year old car next year. That gives people plenty of time to save their money.


Denise said…
last year for christmas i got a gift that sucks- really! a broom vac.
i am ready for a new vaccuum cleaner. needless to say, i love sucky gifts. :-)
i think i may be one of the only women in america that likes to receive appliances as a gift. i even ask for them.

but a new car for a gift would be nice too (maybe a hybrid, it's kind of like an appliance, it plugs in right).
Brad Huebert said…
Yeah. I gave Shauna a Dirt Devil one year. Not good. Never again. Did she want one? Not the point, apparently.