It's always nice to receive a letter in the mail that starts with the words, "congratulations," unless, the next few sentences indicate that I just won a brand new car as long as the six digits on my letter match the number at the dealership located 25 miles from my house. Those letters get discarded immediately.

The congratulations letter I have is from the DMV. Why are they congratulating me? Evidently I am eligible to renew by mail/Internet. Evidently that is exciting, however, I usually renew by mail, so I'm not quite sure about all the fuss.

The sorry part of this and might I add vain part, is the fact that I wholeheartedly dislike my driver's license picture. Who does like their driver's license picture? At least a handful of people if not fewer.

Given this incredible amount of drivers, who loathe the photo that was placed on their license, I think that everyone should be able to submit their own photo, sort of like a blog profile snapshot, or the one one might include as their Facebook photo. A photo that make the holder of the license show it with pride.

Perhaps it really doesn't matter how I appear in my photo since hardly anyone sees my driver's license, and those who do, receive my pre-cursor speech, of, "Please don't judge me by my photo, my hair did look good when I left the house, but when I entered the DMV something happened. It happens to everyone."

I will renew by mail and do my very best to keep from entering a building with the letters, D-M-V plastered across the front glass doors. However, if I ever I do need to subject myself to the stale air, and sound of whining toddlers echoing off the beige tile, I'll insist on their taking a fresh photo of me for my driver's license, and pray that my photo turns out decent, at best.


Denise said…
for years i had a horrible license pic. i was 40 lbs over weight, with a tragic hair cut, and i was looking down (i had recently had baby #1, who i was holding in my lap during picture).
needless to say, i dreaded being asked for my i.d., but then i had it replaced, and i LOVE my new pic.

the secret to taking a great pic is to pre-pose. while standing in line; head up, eyes, forward, smile on...
you have to glide in behind line, without breaking pose, and DON'T LOOK DOWN!! dmv paparazzi will snap photo. and here is the biggy keep the pose even as you glide away from camera. you can't trust those dmv guys. they are out to get you!

and now, i offer my license. it is a great picture (besides, do i really look 21?).