Cash for Gold

When gold jewelry was popular, I had lots. When gold jewelry consisted of chains and bracelets and charms and such and not gold in the sense of wedding rings and beautiful necklaces purchased for you, to mark a special occasion.

I'm talking about cheap gold, the type of chains and anklets that could be found at a swap meet as well as on a giant spool in a store that gets measured and cut and fastened with a clip and purchased for pennies.

I have lots of bad gold that may be 14 karat and may be not.

I cannot help but perk my ears when the annoying Cash for Gold commercial comes on the television. According to the commercial, I put all of my gold jewelry into a bag, send it away to the merry men who love all things gold, and viola!

The next week, a check arrives in the mail written out to me, for large amounts of money. Sounds great, however, I'm sure that I find my gold jewelry to be worth more than the lovers of all things gold who open the bag and see all of my glistening gold jewelry.

I'm never going to wear the braided, thin gold chain I got for 8th grade graduation, or the promise ring I got from my first "real" boyfriend. The gold earrings are pretty, but shout, "I love the nineties!"

My gold sits in a box. I hope one day to sell it and make enough money to buy myself a real piece of jewelry, or a motor scooter, or a new car.

Wishful thinking. Chances are, ten years from now I will still have my box of old gold jewelry, and it will be worth less than it is today.


Andy said…
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Denise said…
my first "real" boyfriend gave me a promise ring, it was a strawberry ringpop!

i have gold jewelry that shouts "nineties!" maybe someday the nineties will make a comeback.