I know no things Wii. I don't plan on getting to know any things Wii related. I tried RockBand and failed. I've tried bowling and my 5 year old beats my gutter balls in one fail swoop of the shiny white remote.

I'm hanging up my Wii remote. It doesn't like me and frankly, I don't like it - the Wii.

I love however, the ability it has to entertain my family, as I watch from a safe distance. They scream, jump, flop the remote up and down, or swing it around in circles. They seem busy - a good busy. They are actively engaged. That's all good.

Me and Mr. Wii have our differences.

I cannot add another thing to my list of to-do's, and even if I had a free space on the list, mastering the Wii wouldn't rank very high.

Please don't ask about the DS, X-Box, or Play Station either. I can't even tolerate Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or tic-tac-toe, however, I could possible kick butt on a word search although I haven't picked up a good word search in ages.

I'll leave all the electronic gaming devises to the men in the family. Men love all things electronic, composed of buttons that need pushing, and flashy lights with varied sounds.

I like quiet, and word searches are quiet.


Mother Hood said…
I've learned that the less I try with the Wii, the better I perform! My three year old is a boxing champ and somehow can KO his dad and his grandpa!